Irvine Rock Fish

Located in Irvine, California, at the William Woolett Aquatic Center. Is one of the first teams drafted for the Underwater Torpedo League. Led by Tier 2 Instructor Kevin Ng and compiled of many different extreme sports enthusiasts. Irvine Rock Fish has won the Season 9 Aquabowl and looking to secure a second Aquabowl Victory in Season 10.

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Instructor Kevin Ng

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Rock Fish

Published by Don Tran

Don Tran served 12 years in the military as a Marine Raider and water survival instructor, he is a candidate at the USC EMBA Program. Don has a passion for coaching, relentless training, and pushing the limits in every environment from the gym, to the pool, to working in the office. Don applies his real-world experience as a leader in the military, business entrepreneur, and mindset/fitness coach to teach focus, efficient movement, and mental fortitude. Don strives to help athletes and individuals overcome fears, break boundaries, and become the best version of themselves.