LA Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Underwater Torpedo League (UTL) will begin its expansion into Los Angeles in January 2019. USC’s Uytengsu Aquatics Center and UCLA’s Spieker Aquatic Center will serve as the 12th and 13th pool in the UTL with three additional pool locations to be announced later in 2019. The expansion efforts will begin with pool sessions in January building up to the beginning of league play in April of 2019. CEO Prime Hall is “excited to bring the Revolution of UTL to the City of Angels. Our programs and sport allow for maximum fitness and confidence gains in short time through team-building training, sports and events. There is no growth inside of a comfort zone and at UTL we are only in competition with ourselves. Go Deep. Live Empowered.”

The UTL is made up of some of the most elite athletes in the world comprised of current and retired NFL players, Olympic Swimmers, Military and MMA Fighters. Former Chargers LB and current UTL Elite member Brock Hekking is one of those athletes, “I’m excited to take this sport and style of training to LA because it enables athletes to train and push themselves mentally without the physical wear and tear that training on a field or court brings.Our unique style of training in the pool gives athletes the recovery, mental toughness, and confidence they need to optimize performance at their sport..”

The Underwater Torpedo League is a fast-growing, team sports league based in Carlsbad, CA. The games consists of two 5-person teams who square off against each other in the deep end of a pool while attempting to score the rubber torpedo into the opposing team’s goal. To defend, players can tackle opponents or steal the torpedo from their opponent – think of it as hockey or football but played underwater. The UTL was founded in 2017 by Prime Hall, a United States Military Veteran who served as a water survival instructor and Special Operations Marine Raider. Hall is deeply passionate about helping others improve their water confidence and overall quality of life through the Underwater Torpedo League. Hall started the Underwater Torpedo League to help train high-level professionals in the pool to achieve their fitness goals. The UTL is broken up into 3 subsidiaries: UTL League, UTL Elite and UTL Media.

For press or footage requests, please contact Prime Hall (956) 224-0055 or [email protected]