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SPRING OPEN: May 18-19


UTL is an underwater sport developed by Marine Special Forces Water Survival Instructors in 2017. Started in the military as a training tool, UTL has grown into a competitive sport with a primary goal of teaching people water confidence, safety and fun. Athletes of all different skill levels have come through our training since we began, individuals ranging from non-swimmers to Olympic athletes.

We enjoy watching everyone improve their skills in the sport and knock down barriers each session, and we are extremely proud to provide a trusted environment that’s focused on cultivating confidence underwater and optimum performance in a UTL team.


The object of the game is to move the torpedo underwater and place the torpedo in the opposing team’s goal.

Each game consists of three matches. Each match is played with a point scoring round that is played to five points per match. The team that reaches five points first wins the match. The team that wins two of the three matches wins the game.

Games begin with the torpedo in the middle of the pool, and the teams race against each other to gain possession of the torpedo. Once a goal is made, the scoring team throws-off to the opposing team for the remainder of the round. The opposite team receives the throw-off during the next round.

You may move the torpedo by swimming with it, handing it off, or by passing it to another team member while submerged. However, the person in possession of the torpedo must remain under water and no part of the body may come out of the water while in possession of the torpedo.

A score is made once any part of the torpedo breaks the plane of the goal and/or deposited in the goal either by placing or throwing the torpedo into the goal.

The player in control of the torpedo may be tackled, but the tackler must keep the torpedo in view and must immediately be released by the opposing team when they are no longer in possession of the torpedo.

A player or players cannot force the opposing player with the torpedo to surface during a 1v1, 2v1 and 2v2 during a play and players are fighting for possession of the torpedo.

Players are allowed to defend their teammates who are in possession of the torpedo by keeping attacking players away with the stiff arm maneuver, by pushing the attacking players away or up. Defending players cannot hold, wrap, pull or push the attacking player/players down and away from the surface.

If a player in possession of the torpedo is swimming away, defending players from the opposing team are allowed to pull them backwards or away from the goal.

Players guarding their goal are allowed to push, force or swim players that are in possession of the torpedo away from the goal without intentionally surfacing them.

Players are allowed to use their knees to push and create distance without extending into a full kick.

Penalties, fouls, surface calls and unsafe situations are signaled when a referee pulses their buzzer which in turn stops the play (no matter what) so that the infraction or unsafe situation can be addressed accordingly.

If the torpedo is thrown out of bounds at throw-off, 1 re-throw is permitted, if it is thrown out again, it will result in a penalty drop in front of the receiving team’s goal.

After each throw-off, a minimum of at least one pass must occur before a player from the receiving team can score. If no pass is made before a score on the throw-off, it results in a turn over to the opposing team.

If a player surfaces any part of his body with the torpedo, it will result in a penalty. The team that is not in violation will receive a penalty drop and start the play over with the advantage.

If players are fighting for control over the torpedo (1v1, 2v1, 2v2) and it results in a surface call, the torpedo goes to the middle and only the players involved with the wrap up are allowed to sprint against each other to gain possession of the torpedo. The remaining players have a 5 sec countdown before they can support their teammates. 

Since pushing the player in possession of the torpedo to the surface is not permitted. If it does occur, the result will be a penalty drop for the non-violating team.

No foul play is allowed: Kicking, punching, choking, single limb submissions, mask/goggles ripping, or pulling of any article of swimwear.

Foul play will result in a penalty and penalty drop against the offending player. Three violations from an individual player during one full game will result in that player being ejected from the rest of the game.

Tackling, pulling, holding back, and grappling is only allowed on players in possession of the torpedo. Tackling or grappling players without the torpedo will be considered Foul Play. Foul play will result in a penalty call, and penalty drop against the offending player.

No more than four players are allowed to be involved when fighting for control of the torpedo. Only 2 players per team can be involved in a wrap-up.

Violation of the Lockout Rule will result in the torpedo being reset to the center of the playing field and both teams have to race to the middle to gain possession of the torpedo.



Trust is of the utmost importance in our community. Given the inherent dangers of the sport, we are required to earn trust and give trust.


We expect our community to act honestly and stand by their actions. We do not run from criticism but embrace it as feedback to grow.


UTL is a no-flex zone. We respect each other and the water. We work for each other to push ourselves closer to achieving individual and group goals.

Merit Based

UTL is a merit based community. We seek to reward individuals as deserved and believe that promotion is earned not given.


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